You do not need to apologize or question anymore.
Sean Howard

Hey Sean Howard,

After I read this, I immediately wanted to be in your space. You have hit more than a few home truths in your reply.

Thanks for conveying all of that, I have so many questions… I can’t articulate them now, I’m slightly overwhelmed. Part of me posting this made it real too yeah? I know you get that.

The first line in your reply? a few salty tears, I felt like you understood something about me on a deeper level, I don’t know how to take that.

I will be following your movements, you seem like a person who knows a thing or two about what i’m ranting about.

I want to also be clear, I will be likely sipping cocktails and relaxing in comfort before I head into my placement, after working the way I am at the moment to get enough funds to do this, I have to remind myself that it is okay.

At the moment I have only officially booked 12 weeks, they tell me I can extend after I get a feel for what is needed, volunteer wise.

I hear you, this work isn’t a dream for most, I don’t see it being easy at all, to look around and see the pain and poverty, well that will break me, but not as much as doing nothing. I simply can’t do nothing anymore, that is breaking my soul.

I hope to get some good exposure on the NGO front, that way when I’m based somewhere again I can look for the next project, with a view to help run or use it to set up more help.

At the moment it’s all ideas — but i’m god damn motivated with this stuff.

I’m just so glad you get it, I feel like i’m talking to a brick wall with my family sometimes, bless them, but they don’t understand.

I’m rambling now, but let’s stay in touch please?

Thanks so much for this, my eyes are lit that is for sure.

So nice to have “met” you or whatever you call it in this space :)

Hugs — if that’s not weird.

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