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Hey smokey I just loved this piece! I was giggling, but followed it with a nod of acceptance and understanding — from my own experiences.

I go to festival once a year — it’s a hippie festival I guess, though I hate to use that term. I explore all parts of myself there, every year it gets better.

I have danced with your aforementioned friends as part of that experience.

I believe psychedelics can play a really important role with mind expansion and overall health benefits. Like anything else, moderation is always key.

I have no science to back up my experiences, but I will say that it opened some doors, that’s for sure.

As does meditation and music.

Safe environment, experimentation, lots of space to explore. Why not?

Side note: have you seen DMT The Spirit Molecule? — quite interesting.

I plan to participate in an ayahuasca ceremony in South America one day soon.

Many tribes from around the world have been using plant medicines for all sorts of healing, I don’t discriminate.

Thank for sharing :)

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