The Ruskies did these crazy LSD experiments back in the 50’s, after their whole Pavlovian behavior…
tigger porn

Honestly, I’m trying to understand all of the above.

It’s super early, got my coffee, I’m in Australia and at work at 7am on a Saturday.

So, I shall reply the best I can.

Not really sure about all that LSD testing stuff, all I know is that it didn’t work out as intended hey? Although I feel it holds some keys, but that’s just personal opinion. My housemates have participated in healing rituals using psychedelics. Probably running on my own tangent now. Saw some stuff you posted on a few things of that nature, bookmarks galore.

Stick with what I know? Yeah I do that too. Re: self hate, self worth jaz. Which sucks, because I think I know better, it’s not until I’m in the middle of that spin that I’m able to pull myself out.

You said “ you’re beautiful, that’s a great work around” — doing my best to understand that. Funny, that word is what I struggle with most, in its very definition. Past stuff there- not really in the right space to go there.

As for the publication, looks like you got that down pat man? Haha I’m still failing to get to that point yet, will give it a go when I’m not doing a million things at once.

Despite how stupid I sound, really I’m just lacking routine, but that’s nothing new.

Haha you’re telling me. I work a 24hour shift roster and have a memory like a goldfish, breakfast? What day is it again?

Not sure if we’re vibing on same page or whatever (damn time difference and all that), but high five to coffee right now.

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