Gay Panic Narratives, circa 1957

I wasn’t born yesterday, but I have heard stories along similar lines from my uncle. Still shocked. Still disgusted.

Sometimes I think we have come so far, then something happens and reminds me haven’t (long story, one of my uncles — both are gay, had an awful experience in the middle of Melbourne CBD recently,here in Australia. Broad daylight, which involved verbal homaphobic abuse and no support from walkers by).

Anyhow, there is a whole bunch more I could share about my experience as a child being surrounded by homaphobic people. To later be surrounded by loving homosexuals, who are my family.

However, I will choose to end this with what I had intended to say before my rant.

Thank you for bringing awareness to the absolute mistreatment of gays in our past, so that we can look back at these atrocities with a view for improvement.

Needless to say you know where I stand on the matter.

Equal rights. We are all one. Stand proud. I’m with you all. Fuck that type of system.