Sorry, I’m sneaky-responding in a meeting and not making much sense.
Tamyka Bell

Not at all, that makes perfect sense to me. I picked up on the maternal relationship, wasn’t sure if it was literal, but appreciated it none the less.

Words are me. I have so much to say, been trying to find a way to reach out and bring them into place where they could be heard for what they are. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, mostly crap. But writing none the less, only my closest friends know. Everyone else is oblivious. Mostly I have felt trapped, like they need somewhere, but there was nowhere. Of late, that has started to change. Especially here, where I have felt connection to others words, in turn, making me realize that maybe, just maybe my words can help.

Ahaha sorry that was a major blurt.

But I can resonate with you, birthing yeah.

Brilliance is what comes to mind.

Good luck “sneakily” reading this ;)

I appreciate your writing. X

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