Not This Time

Climbing “The Cobbler” Scotland. Image by WF 2017

They say time is no obstacle but the hands of our clocks never seem to meet.

I’m your 2:00 AM maybe and you my 10:00 PM sometimes.

I can’t seem to find space for us between your goals and mine.

We’re halfway to perhaps.

A quarter to the barrier of yes.

Sentences with full stops and question marks.

Lots of question marks.

Boundless in my wants and ignorant to my needs I continue exploring your depths, always at a distance.

But we’re destined for far away places that keep us far away.

Funny how those edges are easy to climb when you get the right season.

I've seen many a moon, so many “eternities” shoved into an allotment.

With you I tried leaning towards a yes, an absolute… but I’ve hit a juncture, and …..

our time has lapsed.