I have one story, I’d forgotten about it, the first thing I wrote exclusively on Medium when I…
tigger porn

Oh your fear of rejection is understood! When I first came here I would quite literally break in sweat before posting anything. Then when it came to publications I would do similar, only for a few days at a time whilst I waited. Only really started sharing my writing publicly in the last year.

Still shit myself now when posting to a publication, it has become slightly less sweaty with more interactions and writing.

Wish I could help with the rest, but tigger porn I think it’s great to have your own publication too. I have been considering that with my travel writing, but get so busy and confused a lot of the time.

Best I got? Ask questions when you’re unsure with Medium stuff, I have found everyone really helpful.

Feel free to tag me if you want to get the word out if you don’t find the answers. I probably can’t answer much ( still finding my way around technically speaking) but I’m a bit of a serial highlighter. Writing excites me, I can’t help it. That and I’m always happy to help a brother out.

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