35 and Blessedly Single
Chantelle Dawn Skye

Okay.. I had to bookmark this and come back.

I think I’m at the same point! re: discovering myself. Kind of went about it the long and painful way. But I hear you.

I have been in relationships my entire life, as in I can barely remember being single. Growing on my own, being okay alone.

I get lonely, my last relationship was with a mate of 9 years, but I am at the point where I realize that I have a lot of work to do on myself before I can fully commit again.

I love that you said “ I am really enjoying falling in love with me” I hope to get there someday. I often ask myself.. how can I love another if I cannot love myself?

I’m on that journey too.

I love this piece! thanks for sharing.

All the best with it all. Following you with curiosity on your journey. x

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