RIP Chippy

Black attire meets wet cheeks,
congregating for your departure.

I'm not ready, I will never be. If you were here you would bring me a glass of wine in exchange for a cigarette.

We were classy like that.

I still remember my jaw drop when you announced that I had to drive 3 hours to visit your daughter out bush. Her name was Jess too, you said it made sense because we were both a handful, you weren't wrong either.

I had no driving experience back then. I told you "that’s crazy chip!" to which your replied " that’s how you learn, that’s how my daughter’s learnt and it’s how you will too. Now pack your bags, you have 15 minutes".

I didn't cry when I got the phone call. Nope, I just went about my day completely numb.

It wasn't until my tyre punctured on my way home and I went to dial your number... that's when it hit.

All I could hear was your voice reminding me that I needed to listen and watch as one day I would need to know how to change it.

Quote " Girly you got no clue, unless that boyfriend of yours is around, you will have to wait for them roadside dickheads".

Despite my clear lack of interest you continued.

Just as you said, I'm on the freeway now. I have kicked my car in frustration because your both not here.

You were wise like that.

I'm keeping this rose now, because it's the closest thing I got to you.

It's wilting, like me.

You would tell me to " man up" because tears wouldn't get me anywhere. But it would always follow with a chippy gesture.

You loved me like your own and you were one of a handful that tried to make up for my dads absence.

I miss ya chip and if your up there right now no more beer okay. This one's on me big fella.

P.S I hate beer, but it's for you

Gone, but not forgotten x