I have a very unhealthy relationship with the scale.

Thanks for your reply Colette this is something I’d hoped would spark conversation.

The Journey

I understand that thing you mention, I spent most of my life cycling through it. Up and down like a god damn yoyo, mostly not the healthy way.

I hope you feel beautiful, even if it’s not always. Everyone should feel beautiful.

Issue is we’re made to believe that self love isn’t good? That’s sad.

The last year or two, following some hardcore spiritual journeying, I’ve finally began a healthier approach to my self image issues.

I grew up with two little sisters who have naturally slim builds. I was always envious of them growing up, I was short and frumpy. That coupled with hectic abuse as a kid left me in all sorts. It’s taken a long while to get here.

This year I decided I would leave the country looking good and more importantly feeling good- the healthy way.

I started weight based personal training and haven’t looked back. I’m busy with work on a 24/7 roster, it’s been super challenging to commit, but I’ve done it.

With 10 weeks left, I’ve dropped 4kgs, but really toned and leaned my body through training and eating right.

Schedule as follows;

Walking 20 k’s per week ( 12.4 miles)

Interval skipping 20 minutes x 2 per week

2 x PT weight lifting sessions per week

Fish, nuts, lots of veggies. Nothing too strict, one cheat day per week and I’m still eating dark chocolate daily and drinking my coffee.

I wanted to drop 9kg ( 19 pound) initially. Through conversations with my PT and watching my body transform as well as my confidence I’ve since discovered some keys;

  1. I’m only 4kg ( 8 pounds) lighter, but I’ve converted fat to muscle
  2. Some people can be the same weight if not more, but still look lean and strong. Feel lean and strong.

For the first time in years I’m wearing jeans ( I normally couldn’t stand them on what I perceived as a frumpy frame)

I’m not aiming for skinny or small weight. I’m close to being the best I have ever been.

Magazines, media everywhere is portraying this image, which is unattainable and unhealthy for most.

I feel strong, energetic, lean and ready to leave. In my mind and in my body.

When I wrote this, my aim was to highlight that everyone’s body is different. Listen to yourself, not a scale, which, unless you’re severely overweight, isn’t accurate in reading your progress.

What you feel like when you walk into room, how you feel in your clothes, how much energy you have.

But all that aside-

How do you feel in your skin?

I’m getting there.

I hope this babble gives you something.

X x you deserve to acknowledge your beauty- inside and out.

We all do yeah. X x