Wild Flower

Colette I was going to say “Jesus” but I have decided I like “Eish” more !!!

I had to literally stop for 15 minutes after reading this!!! All of the love for you my dear.

I was kind of wondering where my lovely Colette was, that sounds strange I know, but I kinda missed you.

The thought and intent behind this entire piece had me teary, I don’t know how to accept it, but it’s from your heart, as such I am doing my best, I promise.

I’m not sure how I knew, but the fact you work with the kiddies only makes me feel as though I know you more, I don’t but I do.

How’s that for crazy?

I am basically placing your entire reply in with my heart, where I will pull from when needed. I hope that’s okay?

Dearest Colette, I’m sorry I don’t have any words that can justify my feeling about how much you just touched me.

Truly x

P.S- I was super overwhelmed with the support here, I ran away a bit and thought I could come back and systematically reply to each person. I saw yours and was literally stunned. Here I am now, rambling in reply.

You got some kinda awesome spirit that I cannot articulate, at all.

Biggest bloody hugs and kisses EVER ok xo xo


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