Well hello there Melisano. Thanks for stopping by!

I have sat here staring at your comment for a while, apologies for my late reply, I wanted to think about my answer.

Firstly, I would like to say well done for becoming a nurse! it’s admirable and not an easy job.

Secondly, I’m glad to hear that you’re wanting to help others too, outside your current role and explore the world, it’s a huge place.

You mention that you don’t have money to travel? I won’t pretend to know your circumstances, but I can tell you that I don’t have a lot either, by that I mean I’m saving as much as humanly possible to do a bigger trip, rather than a few small ones.

Now, I understand that perhaps you may not earn enough to save, if that is the case ( I know it’s a possibility) I would suggest a fundraiser? Quite a lot of volunteering agencies will allow you to fund-raise the money ( they even help you set it up ect) . If you need help looking for one, I am happy to do some research?

Another suggestion? again, please correct me if it’s not relevant to you, but the flying doctor service may be able to assist? you will basically go where it is needed, it is my understanding they get you there.

Forgive me if none of the above is helpful, I don’t fully know your circumstances and I am no expert on the matter! but I am open to discussions to help you figure it out, if I can!:)

Let me know your thoughts — you’re already one step ahead just from wanting to go x x