RezoNation First Quarter Roundup
S Lynn Knight

Well, I’m not saying I got tears(maybe, might have, just a tad) happy one’s. I don’t know how I managed to be surrounded in such bliss, but here I am.

Shout out S Lynn Knight and all the contributors here at Rezonation. For making me think, for making me feel, for making me believe in “ all the things and stuff” that I sometimes question.

Particularly S Lynn Knight for outlining this with such grace. You the bomb x

An incredible amount of love and hope went into this wrap up, and goes into this publication. Let’s all put a hand on heart and be god damn grateful that we can connect like this? holy shit I’m filled with a ridiculous amount of gratitude right now.

Expect to see more from me and I will will have my heart open from more from everyone else. Heart will be open anyways, even when yours isn’t, it’s how i’m wired.

This Wildflower is a tad chuffed. You all rock. Keep rocking x

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