The Change — One Love Worldwide

What a wonderful surprise !!!

Alexainie you have no idea just how perfect your timing was with this piece.

What an incredible woman Karli is. What an incredible woman you are!

What I like most about this piece? You have touched on a very basic need that many simply do not have access to. I spent a considerable amount of time reading through the links you have provided and exploring the One Love Worldwide website/ Facebook.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that the financials are listed on the website, this is huge part for me when considering where I donate money. Happy to report that was my first step, because no matter how small our contribution, every bit counts.

I immediately sent an email following, thanking One Love for their amazing work so far and for inspiring me to figure out what I can do. I have made mention that if volunteering became available, this would be a project I would definitely consider down the track. I may have mentioned your article here — I hope you don’t mind?

After reading this, I am once again so god damn proud to be part of this community, who subsequently support me more with my visions than most in real time here in Australia.

What an absolute privilege it is to be alerted to such a wonderful project.

This type of thing really reminds me that collectively we can make changes. I’ts so lovely to know your thoughts Alexainie x

P.S I really liked your thought provoking analysis of Ghandi’s quote!:)

All of the hugs humanly possible are being sent your way GF x

Thank you :)

To anyone else reading this: Check out “One Love Worldwide” a very inspiring start to the day. A truly great cause !!!!

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