WildFlower Over and Out — for the next 5 days

It’s 5:30am and I’m off to an annual festival out bush for the next 5 days.

Every Australia Day I attend a festival called Rainbow Serpent. With my take off date fast approaching I have planned this for the entire year. This year being the festival’s 20th anniversary.

Every year thousands of people gather in the Australian outback to dance and party together over the long weekend. Here you can be whatever you want to be or not want to be.

Costumes, face paint, glitter, workshops and free expression in unison with 40 odd thousand others.

It’s been a long and busy year for me, so I’m looking forward to letting my hair down and rubbing my feet in the earth one last time for what is likely to be at least 3 years.

Now that I have officially finished work and sold most of my belongings I hope to return and get back to reading and writing with you all before I leave.

No reception out there — see you all in 5 or 6 days.

All my love x x