I love how your response reads like a poem :p
Heath Houston

Writers Just Know

They entice me

To read more

To feel more

I simply cannot pull myself away





Flames melting my screen!

Words are permiating through me

Around me

Sticking with me

In all the right places

A family of creatives

Leaking into my screen at a rate I cannot contain

Do. Not. Stop.

Let's burn it out together

Let our innermost thoughts splash accross our screens

This storm needs no reprieve

If this is my last day on earth

I die surrounded in all that makes us real

Facets of you, touch me

With an intensity

That created goosebumps

In places I knew nothing of

Ahh come with me

Let's bare it all


Words are our strength

And our weakness

Let it be known that we are rising


We. Are. Family.

Distant relatives of the world

That doesn't understand us

But we get it.

That is why we continue to release


We are the drops in the ocean that keep the waves in sync

Weathering storms with words mightier than gia's roar who stirred them.

Speaking of stirring, hand me the spoon, this mix is not done.

Heath Houston you saw it first ;)

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