The Marketplace Launch:

We are happy to announce our new marketplace is live. More than three years of testing, trying out new marketing ideas and growing our audience has led us to — the most complete marketplace — where we sell fonts, mockups, templates, patterns and have big plans for the future. Please take in mind — most of the products are freebies, and free for personal and commercial use. So take a look at now.

What’s so special about it and why choose Wildpicks?

Quality Control is the answer, we handpick each designer, work with them together to achieve the best product quality possible, we help with advice, we test each submitted products before they are added to store, so our customers would be always getting top quality products.

We are designers

Yes, in real life, we, creators of wildpicks, are designers, so we know the struggle of getting Your product to the market, and we know how hard is to sell it, so we have developed wildpicks marketplace, where we take care of that. Within years we have developed our own secret methods of getting the products out. In conclusion — designers want to design, not struggle to sell — so for that reason we made Wildpicks. Designers can now concentrate only on designing new awesome products and forget the rest. We made it easy.

Achieved in 2 years

Within two years of working we have grown our target audience to half a million email subscribers, almost million downloads and 150 partner websites, and it has led us to almost 40 000 unique page views a month in average, and the numbers keep growing by each month.

We know how to Market

As we mentioned earlier, we have our own secret marketing team and a strategy, which works only if we produce high quality products, so we choose the best of the best submitted products, and only than by working all together we can grow even more.

How to get involved?

We invite You to join us and offer a fair percentage of each sale (65%). Your earning will instantly go to Your Gumroad account after each purchase and every friday Gumroad will automatically transfer your earnings to your bank (if you live in the US) or Paypal anywhere else. We encourage You to submit Your best works, so you can make the best out of it. We have an amazing supportive stuff, feel free to write us, we can help You with the presentation, file preparation or whatever else You would need.

Submit your first product now

See you soon,

Gatis and Krisjanis from WIldones