There’s a shift happening in people’s attitudes and deep in the foundations of our economy.

People, money and sentiment are moving toward companies that genuinely make us feel something. Companies that add value to our lives and to the world rather than take it away.

There is a desire for our working lives to be meaningful and our workplaces to reflect our values. A new generation is setting out to solve problems — and they want to use business as the ‘how’ as well as the ‘wow’.

People are looking for purpose.

So we made a place where they can find it.

At Wildwon, we’ve harboured a pretty serious passion for purpose-led, sustainable and responsible business for some time. We started our own business, a Benefit Corporation which designs meaningful experiences. in the hope of creating a place where people didn’t have to make the choice between being good at what they did, and doing good for the world.

One of the nice things about creating a new company is that you can design a little part of the world that is just the way you hope the rest of the world could be.

So now we’re trying to extend that a little further to create a place for others like us to be — a place for purpose-driven business.

We’re not the only company with these values — not by a long shot. There is a whole movement of us. We are excitedly watching a huge community of purpose-led businesses bubble up — some of us challenging mainstream giants at their own game, others presenting disruptive potential through ingenuity, all of us displaying force through sheer numbers.

Our hope is to provide a place for this community to come together, learn from each other, help each other scale and succeed, and of course develop a thriving sector and ecosystem of like-minded people doing business with each other. We want to help map a way forward as a group and capture what’s going on.

We’re excited to host Purpose because we get to watch history in the making. We hope you can join us to be part of the unfolding story. Find out more at