Planetary Pulse: Social Media and Tree Leaves

Click. Red flag. Refresh. Facebook. Gmail. Instagram. Snapchat.

Click, click, click. What’s new? What’s updated? What’s happening out in the world?

The more I click, the more twitchy I become. The more I click and scroll, the more anxiety I tap into. The more my brain fires and zigs and zags around. This thing. That thing. More stuff to read to check out to ponder. All the input, requiring thought and output. Anxiety increases.

I’ve been wondering, why do I check? What am I hoping to receive? What am I looking for? Another update? An event? An email? What news am I seeking? What update do I want?

As I watch the rain start to come down outside of my window, and I hear the thunder in the distance, I realize I seek a tuning in. I want to TUNE IN to the planet and to the social network around me. I seek to listen. I pause and breathe and watch the rain. And in a flash of my childhood…I remember.

I remember being a kid and sitting by my patio door and watching the storm clouds gather. I remember looking at the dark trees of the forest and watching the rain. I remember being still and bearing witness. And deeper still…I remember.

I remember when we were connected to the social network of the planet day in and day out. To the fluttering leaves, warning us of the storm to come. To the silence of bird song as a storm approaches. We were once tapped into the signs and signals all day long. We checked the signs. We listened. All day long. We looked for signs because that particular day told us where to go to hunt the next morning. That network and those flags told us what we need to know to survive and thrive. The broken branch and buck rubbed bark on the tree told us where he was going and what was on his mind. That rain told us the first of Spring’s mushrooms would be present the next day.

We were connected. We are connected. But now, instead of watching the leaves and the shades of grey in the sky, I watch for red flag notifications and events and pictures. I seek to tune into community and culture and planetary alignment through my computer. The behaviors are the same…yet the forum is vastly different.

I choose to remember. I choose. To re-member.

I choose to pause when I start to scroll, to shut it off and shut it down, and take a moment to breathe and tune into the leaves…the sky…the earth beneath my feet.

Remember. Pause. Breathe. Create space. Choose.