Work Stress: Make a Choice

At any moment YOU can change your mind.

Pause. Breathe. See the options. Shift. Make a choice.

See it differently. Express. Move. Flow. Be.

You can choose what color pants you put on this morning just as much as you can choose how you express an emotion you are experiencing.

I’m not working as a full time Shaman Priestess or Sacred Intimacy Coach. I’m a full time human. I am working in the spirit and plant and animal and love world AND as a full time Human Resources professional working for a multinational global technology corporation. Today is a Tuesday. Stress. Meetings. Everyone wants everything yesterday. Corporate America rewards bullying and get it done now. How productive can you be? How many emails can you send? Can you work and reply to emails at all hours of the night to prove your dedication to the cause?

I can do my job well and stay sane.

Stress. The job wants me to go go go do do do freak out. But I have the power of choice to frame it differently. The actions may still be the same — gotta get the report done, reply to those emails, etc. And I can choose the quality of my movement. My ten years of Corporate America experiences is a match for my five years of yoga teacher experiences and a lifetime of being wild and practicing intentional communion with the moss, the ferns and the wild blueberries.

I can step away from my computer. I can take one deep thorough inhale, filling up my lungs, my chest, my heart, my throat, and exhaling releasing the stress and expectations. I can picture the woods I grew up in and the evergreen tree I sat under many times. I can root into the soil. I can stand up and feel the ground beneath my feet. I can remember we are so much more than our productivity.

I can choose. And that choice is immensely powerful. Empowered choice. See the choice. Breathe. Create space.