What is the root for android

The rooted user can access the Android operating system and can do anything. By default, for protecting the system from being collapsed, you do not have permission to access the Android devices. Like other modern mobile operating system, Android has restricted security sandbox for security purposes. The user account of root for android is always in Android, but there is no built-in way to access it. “Rooting” behavior could help the users to do many operations on the Android system. In addition to the technical aspects, root access can do many useful things else. Rooting on your phone, you can delete bloatware, clean up the disk fragments and other various adjustments that need root access system. 
There are some reasons for Android device does not allow users to access the system by the root user account. In fact, some equipment manufacturers strictly prevent you from rooting. Here’s why: 
Security: root will disrupt the normal Android security sandbox. Root can let you get Root permissions to manage or spy on other applications, but it also exists certain risks. In fact, if your root operation behavior is improper, it is very likely to collapse your android then cause your phone will become a”brick”. 
Risk: as usual, the risk of root will bear by yourself. Root for androidis usually a very safe process with the professional software, but acting recklessly. If you screwed up, you cannot hope to repair it with free warranty service. If you worry about it, do a little research first, look at the others’ report about successful stories of the root. The most insurance method is to download a professional root, it not only has the most detailed root operation steps and provides online services. 
In most versions of Android, its operating system is a rookie, when your phone is more and slower, you can only frequently restart. So more and more people want to do the root to refresh their mobile phone operating system so that it can return to the reaction speed of using for the first time, or to manage other softwares which no access to manage for optimizing the mobile storage space. Now on the market, it has already had many types of root software, everyone should have one root for android. 
If you download this powerful root application, there is something you should know before root: 
(1) Before root, backing up your Android system and all of the data.(in case of failure cause data loss in the process ) 
(2) Make sure your mobile phone have more than 30% of the battery.(just in case the mobile phone is automatic shutdown and cause failure in the process of root) 
(3) Enable USB debugging, operating step by step according to the root process.(this process will have a period of time) 
(4) Once you root your phone, you can’t benefit from the warranty policy.(so, think twice before you root)

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