Client Offer (2nd draft)

The man sat in a corner near the saloon’s entrance out of passers’ by sight. His feet were propped next to a glass of untouched whiskey while the rest of him slumped in a chair. He walked a half dollar over his knuckles.

The man glanced at the creaking door. A women entered and strode to the bar. She caught the barkeep’s ear. The man resumed his half dollar walk.

“Mr. Neems?”

The heavy coin clattered on the floor.The man pushed himself to a more dignified posture to glare at the woman. He met her eyes and winced inwardly.

“My name is Loretta Pimm,” she said. “My family wishes to employ your services.”

“I don’t negotiate price.”

“Your fee is acceptable.”

He offered his hand. “Call me Maury.”

They shook on it. Maury snatched up his fallen coin and downed his whiskey as he got up and followed Loretta Pimm out the door.

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