Letters from Morgan, Vol. 2: Integrity is all you have

Hi Friends —

Morgan here. Over the last few months I’ve had some thoughts brewing in my mind and debated if and when I should share them. I’ve decided it’s time I give it a shot here.

As you know, having Will run for office means that he is often away from the house and our family. And I’m often thanked for the sacrifice my family is making in having him gone so much.

But his time away from the family is only a part, and perhaps a small part, of the sacrifice involved in this process.

When Will and I first decided to run for office we talked about how it would mean some public attention to our family, and even perhaps some mudslinging from the incumbent’s campaign and supporters. It is unfortunate to see the same type of behavior occurring during the primary.

I’d like to share with you an excerpt from our family’s mission statement: “We live life with integrity and compassion. Work diligently. Give generously. And remain fearless and resilient in defending what is good and just and true.”

Will and I value our integrity more than can be described in a letter like this. We’ve dedicated our entire lives to being honest, authentic, truth-seeking, compassionate human beings. Any narrative that suggests otherwise is false and distracts us as a party from our goal of unseating Michael Burgess in 2018.

In case you are in doubt, I encourage you to watch and listen closely. Do the research and ask the questions for yourself. As the scripture says, “by their fruits you will know them,” and we all know that actions speak louder than words.

I implore each of you to join me in condemning false rumors and allegations, whatever their source. Speak up when you hear them. We must demand more of each other.

With love,


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