Pie, Jelly Beans, and Single-Payer Healthcare

Back in 1996, the average family’s annual cost of healthcare was just 3.5% of gross income. In 2017, it is now 18%.

How did we get from 3.5% to 18%?

Our current health insurance system is full of inefficiency and overlapping administrative expenses. Consolidating the payers in our system to a single payer would save 95% of American households money, while insuring every American.

But what exactly is single payer healthcare? That’s where the government owns the hospitals, employs the doctors, and provides care to everyone, right? WRONG. (That would be single-provider healthcare.)

Explaining how single payer healthcare works, what it is, and how it will save Americans money is a passion of mine. I hope you enjoy this video. But be warned, it might trigger your sweet tooth.

My name is Will Fisher and I am running for Congress in 2018. I pledge to fight for universal health care through a single payer model. My team and I are committed and working hard to make this a reality, and I invite you to join us.

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