Photo Credit: Michael Crafton

Turning Texas’ 26th Blue

“A Town Hall, Already?”

Town Halls can be intimidating events, no matter where you land on the political spectrum.

So, when a supporter suggested we host a Town Hall, my team and I both wondered if it was too early. I am, after all just a common citizen running for Congress, not an elected official looking for a promotion or re-election; one of FOUR currently campaigning Democratic candidates; and only a few months into my campaign.

But nevertheless, we persisted. And I’d be lying if I said we weren’t blown away by the turnout.

Photo Credit: Eric Meisner

For a full hour, on a Friday night in Denton, I answered questions from folks around the district. At least 50 people joined us to pack the house at the Bearded Monk, with many others watching online, and I opened the floor to attendees to ask any question they chose. The issues we discussed varied greatly, including:

  • Health care (I support universal, single-payer — and I have a plan that will get big business on board.)
  • Automation (I support a 21st century green new deal.)
  • The buying and selling of politicians (I support eliminating Citizens United and establishing common sense term limits.)
  • Cannabis legislation (I support a gradual, structured approach, starting with decriminalization.)
  • Living wages/minimum wages (I support increasing minimum wages using a flexible approach to reflect the variable cost-of-living of each state.)
  • Voter suppression (I support automatic voter registration, among other practices. We should be increasing voter turnout, not decreasing.)
  • And more.

If you’ve got some time, I recommend you watch the full video here:

What is most apparent to me after this event is that people are ready for change. We may not be recognized as a swing state, but Texas is looking more purple by the day. (Just ask Rep. Beto O'Rourke!)

And it’s not just people attending town halls, meet and greets, or sharing content on social media. There are folks all around the district and state who are organizing to support candidates who represent the interests of ALL Texans. Our own team has hosted nearly a dozen phone bank parties, not to mention virtual phone banks happening every day.

This is the work it is going to take for us to flip this district. We ask that if you are serious about getting the job done, please donate, because any amount helps when you’re running against a guy with a war chest. Please also consider volunteering. It will take an army of activists to make 2018 the year we say Bye Bye to Burgess, so join our team today.

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