A+ at bad behaviour

photo by https://www.flickr.com/photos/amboo213/ CC BY-SA 2.0

An incident occurred on a school property recently. 
And it was really quite unpleasant.
Assuredly, this was not a first, nor will it be the last.
A stunned array of students and by-standers stood gawking in silence at the Actions of its actors.
Adults who decided to put aside civility, decorum, and citizenship for more Asinine interactions.
A scream,
An accusation,
Acrimony or
A loss of control…Whatever?
A memory in need of reprogramming. 
And now the most impressionable among us have to bear it.
As witnesses who did not ask to see their elders at odds.
As lives who do not need to be witnesses to anger. 
Asking questions of their own that were not part of any day plans.
A chance, I guess, for a teachable moment. 
A light in the dark.
Ask the children how to resolve a problem, if you’re not sure,
And they will tell you as if they were the wisest sages.
Act with kindness towards everyone.
Another day begins with no mistakes in it,
A choice to be made.
A chance to be better than the one before.

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