Handsworth’s boy genius: 7 years old Muhammad Hamza Shahzad is the youngest programmer

A Pakistani boy has been crowned as the world’s youngest computer programmer. Currently, he is a British citizen. Mohammad Hamza Shahzad lives in Britain’s Birmingham at Handsworth. Many in the industry think he will be one of the most skillful tech experts in future.


Muhammad’s father Asim works in an American IT firm. Hamza’s first lesson is from his father. Parent’s of the superstar wants their son to be Bill Gates. But Muhammad wants to tame the sky being a pilot.


Being the youngest programmer is not the only achievement the 7 year old has. He has another, prior to this he received the recognition of being the youngest Microsoft professional. He was 6 years old then. In a Microsoft software related test Hamza scored 757 while the requirement was 700 to earn the certificate.

A Microsoft personnel said the 7 years old Hamza can easily make a web app. He also can make shopping cart app.


While other 7 year old kids are desperate to play games, Muhammad doesn’t waste time playing games, because he makes game. To him creating games is the funniest work. This wonder boy easily can make one imbibe tough things like memory management, data structure and so forth other things. Eventually he can illustrate lucidly those complex things many experienced professionals will be failed to do that.

Now hear from the Handsworth genius himself.


As of late Shahzad’s whole family started living in London. Currently, he has concentrated in creating a computer game by himself. He informs he is working on a game which can be won by 30 clicks only.