LinkedIn introduces new products and education service

LinkedIn unveils new products and technology to increase user engagement. This initiative will make the company more significant to Microsoft ahead of the acquisition.


New LinkedIn will have the more effective news feed and messaging option. CEO of the company claims using the messenger users will be able to boost their networking faster.

As a matter of fact, these two products will make people more interested in using LinkedIn.

Additionally, 106 million monthly active LinkedIn users will love to stay more on the site.

Jeffery Weiner, the CEO presented these two products in this 22nd September in LinkedIn headquarter. Using Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant LinkedIn developed its own bots technology. Weiner anticipates LinkedIn employees will play a significant role in this project. “This is an area where we will be able to do some very interesting things with Microsoft,” he further said. Microsoft is emphasizing more in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.


The business and the employment-oriented company also introduced another new product named as LinkedIn Learning. This education service is based on an agreement done with last year.


Earlier this year Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. A forecast says LinkedIn will grow more slowly than expected influenced the acquisition. It also dipped the share price. By offering professional development and skills the company is striving to find a way out toward growth.

On the other hand, Microsoft chalks out use LinkedIn data and social connection to increase its product lines.