Nokia’s Reincarnation

Nokia is reconnecting people with its android based smartphones. Device manufacturing organization Nokia fell down since it could not keep pace with the Smartphone market. Nokia’s situation was so deplorable that in 2014 Nokia’s cell phone manufacturing department was sold to software manufacturer Microsoft. However, Nokia’s set back was to design a Smartphone. Nokia is coming back with an android smartphone in the market. The company will bring 3 to 4 devices in the market, initially. The new shelf of the product will be a mix of tablets and smartphones.

In according with the brand licensing agreement, new devices will not be manufactured in old factories; rather new devices of the company will be manufactured in HMD Global which is also a Finnish company. Nokia had an agreement with HMD Global in the beginning of the year. The agreement says all the devices of Nokia will be manufactured by HMD Global for next 10 years.

To meet the D-day of the launch of Nokia’s android Smartphones, HMD Global already geared up two phones. One of the two devices has 5.2 -inch resolution while the other one has a resolution of 5.5- inch. For both of the phones, Nokia used Quad High Definition (QHD) display. Eventually, both phones will be water and dust resistant. It is predicted, considering the features and standard the phone will be equivalent to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Though previously Nokia’s phones were their own operating system based which rocked the phone market then, but now it is planning to harvest profit by the android operating system. Will Nokia android phone win the market with flying colors or bog down in failure? We must wait.

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