Smartphones wrapped 16 separate services in a single device

Smartphones have made life easy in numerous fashions. We probably did not notice that how a single smartphone is giving us an array of different services. Though based on the different brands in the market, we find an even wider range of services. But regardless of the brand, all smartphone users, at a minimum, receives these 16 services from their device. All right, let’s cross-check the stuff.


  1. Telephone: When did you use the telephone last time? Most of the people won’t even remember. We only remember the telephone once we run out of charge or balance.
  2. Calculator: When an advanced digital calculator is just a click away do we really need to buy or carry one?
  3. Torch: The 1 foot long torches people used in 1800s-1900s we do not carry anymore. Smartphone’s flashlight accomplishes that job now decently.
  4. Alarm clock: Is there any reasons to buy a fat clock only for setting an alarm while we can perfectly do it with a phone?
  5. Letterbox: Smartphones can store hundreds of messages, emails, and voicemails. As a result, people stopped worrying about having a 5 KG letterbox.
  6. Map: Oh wise Christopher (Columbus), we don’t carry sacks now to carry maps. However, Smartphones kicked out the problem life. Now the map is on your phone.
  7. Menu card: time is advanced technologically that we barely use menu card to get food from restaurants. We can do it better by different mobile applications.
  8. Photo album: Instagram, facebook, Google photo and so forth. When the whole world is going digital why to carry a heavy weighted physical photo album.
  9. Phone diary or Index: before the arrival of mobile phone people had to maintain phone diary to write down important numbers. It was problematic in many ways. But now in Smartphones thousands of numbers can be saved with details.
  10. Notepad: it used to be a permanent companion of any ambitious people. Keeping a notepad was inevitable to jot down to do or other important things. However, with Smartphones we can do those more smartly.
  11. Stopwatch: time of using stopwatch has ended long ago. It has been an extinct object like the dinosaur. All the Smartphones in the present have a stopwatch.
  12. Walkman: the idea of carrying a separate device only to listening to music has been absolutely obsolete. Now we can store songs at our sweet will in a thin and light phone.
  13. Newspaper: since people in these days are busy. And they have to move different places using news apps in Smartphones became handier.
  14. Radio: Smartphone pummeled the radio receiver. There is no necessity for using a box like radio anymore.
  15. Camera: since we can take better pictures with easy to carry Smartphones we do not need to carry a separate bag for the camera.
  16. Voice recorder: eventually journalists use their Smartphones as a voice recorder. This device became as obsolete as dinosaurs.