The Apple Event is to be held in 7th September: Apple watch 2 is on the way

Within some days the heavyweight event of Apple’s products unveiling is going to take place. Apple enthusiasts are expecting an array of new editions of Apple products. The event is orchestrated to be held on 7th September.

Rumors and hearsay are traveling ear to ear pivoting the event like before. The flagship surprise for the fans is the new iPhone, perhaps. In addition to the iPhone 7, there are stories being circulated about iWatch. Apple Watch 2 may be unveiled in this event. Based on the external sources some tech people are predicting there will not any substantial changes in apple watch 2. The only change in the watch is projected to happen in the battery. The watch- battery will possibly be more powerful.

Currently, two sizes of Apple watches that are available to the consumers are 32 millimeters and 42 millimeters. The size of the to-come watches will remain similar, but the battery will be changed. In the 42 millimeter- watch apple will be using 334-mAh battery which is 35.7% more powerful than the previous one. Though, in the available watches, Apple uses 246-mAh battery. In terms of the 38-millimeter watch nothing is known about the battery power, perhaps the 205 mAh will be changed. Apple buffs are also fervently expecting big changes in the new macBook.