The end of the BlackBerry era

People regard that the Canadian Smartphones manufacturer BlackBerry as the pioneer of today’s Smartphones. BlackBerry Limited contributed immensely by developing phones and adding new features. The brand was a name of success and elegance in the mobile phone industry.


Nevertheless, the company has failed to compete with the consistently increasing Smartphone industry. Moreover, it was losing money continuously. And these reasons drew a permanent termination in its business.

Blackberry CEO, John Chen announced the end of manufacturing phones. The Canadian company will not manufacture any devices. Eventually, it will not manufacture any hardware too.

It was frantic to make the profit in its business in last several years. But howsoever, whatever strategies it applied went vein and recoiled. And thus the company faced this debacle.


Instead of building new phones or hardware it is navigating its attention toward software business and Smartphone security.

In 1999 the brand launched “Blackberry 850”. It was BlackBerry’s first device. That mobile device won the market then. The success of that device opened doors to huge opportunity for Blackberry.

Before terminating the manufacturing business, it tried to embrace Android operating system but it was a failure too.

BlackBerry’s termination closed a significant chapter in the history of Smartphones. BalckBerry phones happen to be the sensation at the first stage of the mobile industry. Many of the very important, influential and powerful people use BlackBerry devices.