Yahoo is giving your emails to the U.S. Government

Yahoo is giving information to the U.S. government observing its users. To execute this job the search engine company even created a software program.


Using the software, it scans the incoming emails and sorts out the information. Then, it supplies the specific information to the U.S. Government’s secret agents.

However, Yahoo is not providing the information at its own will. The government of USA is taking the information from the company based on a secret court order. Consequently, paying respect to the order and law, Yahoo agreed to give information. Though, the internet based business Company termed the news as confusing. It says the report regarding helping the US Govt. providing information is muddiness.

On the other hand, many tech experts are accusing Yahoo, for violating privacy. Inasmuch, cyber-conscious people are protesting against such move.

About such activity by Yahoo, a European data protection organization expressed their concern.

Investigators wanted to get any kind of data of Yahoo’s email service users. Eventually, they set some categories to collect information. Thusly, the U.S. Govt. wanted Yahoo to supply the classified information.

According to two former Yahoo employees, National Security Agency (NSA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sought information. Using customized software they observed some specific characters. Howsoever, tech experts said Yahoo’s statement is vague. Was Yahoo satisfying the detectives’ need violating users’ privacy?

The email service provider says, almost all the technology corporations supply some of the necessary information in some cases and Yahoo also did that, nothing more than that. Moreover, it denied using any kind of customized software.