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Hi Anand,

Thank you for writing this piece and for your comments on MSNBC. I am fully behind you in the need to begin to hear each other with empathy. That is a hard thing to do and a hard thing to stand for. When you put yourself on the line like that, people come swinging, as you saw.

I was saddened by this piece, however, which, to me reads not of empathy for “some guy named James” but of outrage. The piece reads as if James’s view is not worth empathy. I certainly view the world very differently than James, but the idea that a better society is build through unity is an understandable perspective.

True empathy happens when we have empathy toward the people who don’t have empathy toward us. James is our brother and worth love and respect. Let’s not let our frustration that he doesn’t show empathy toward us cloud or empathy toward him.

Thank you,