International Expansion Weekly Newsletter—5/11/17

Startups & Tech

China-based online payments provider Alipay is expanding into North America by partnering with US-based First Data to make its payments services available to the 4 million Chinese nationals who visit North America each year.

With US-based Netflix’s streaming services available in almost every country in the world, the company is now looking to maximize its value in foreign markets by making as much of its content available with local language subtitles as possible. The company has developed an 80-minute test called Hermes to assess potential translators efficiently.

US-based DocuSign is partnering with Microsoft Azure for its cloud computing services used in Canada. Canadian law requires personally identifiable information to stay within Canadian borders, so it’s particularly important for DocuSign to work with Canadian data centers. Microsoft Azure’s global presence will give the company the option to continue the partnership as it expands further.

Hong Kong-based video streaming service Viu will launch in Thailand next week. The move is part of a broader effort by the company to expand in Asia, where it hopes its content will be compelling enough that viewers from the linguistically diverse set of countries in the region will be satisfied with reading subtitles.

Australia-based Abyss Solutions, a startup that helps clients manage underwater assets (e.g. naval watercraft), has raised $1 million in order to make its services available in the US, UK, UAE, and Singapore.

Switzerland-based smartwatch startup MyKronoz just raised $5.3 million through Kickstarter to expand to North America and Southeast Asia, which are markets that contributed significantly to the Kickstarter campaign.


Canada-based parka brand Canada Goose is opening stores in London and Chicago this year, with the London store being the company’s first in Europe. The company’s products will soon become available online in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Austria.

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