Originally posted in 2015 on www.willsicat.com

The Brief was simple — design a new look and feel for tfl.gov.uk. Sounds pretty straightforward but no small task considering the site being used by 75% of Londoners and already having a satisfaction score of 90%. At the time the site received 8 million unique visitors a month, Journey Planner alone getting over 3 million of those visitors.

I’d be working on an ‘agile’ project with the TfL team and two other agencies. Design would be part of a full digital upgrade that would also see an overhaul to hosting, architecture, API and…

Originally posted in 2015 on www.willsicat.com

Wattpad is a consumer product that aims to enable the future of storytelling through a new experience that creates personal connections through millions of stories. What does that mean exactly? Well it’s a social platform connecting millions of people through words, a place to discover, create and share stories.

Since 2006 Wattpad has steadily grown to be one of the world’s largest communities for reading and writing. A community of 50 million users (20 million monthly active users) who love to read, share and connect through stories. …

Will Sicat

Visual & Interaction Design

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