Wearing shoes in your house is disgusting.

Growing up Asian American, you would always take your shoes off when you stepped inside. The house was like your playpen. You could frolic on the carpet and hard wood floors with your socks or even barefoot. It was like spending your day in pajamas.

The first big experience I had with the American culture of wearing shoes indoors came not from a white American, but a first generation Chinese family. They had recently moved into a new house and invited many families over for a dinner party.

I was a little kid and rather naive. So when they told us to keep our shoes on, I disobeyed. The hard wood floors looked so clean. What could go wrong?

Well, a few hours into the party, I stepped on a wooden splinter. It hurt like a piercing hot knife. Luckily, I wasn’t permanently injured. But that memory has stuck with me a decade later because of the pain.

It was at that point that I realized there was a lot more saw dust and general junk on the floor. I vowed to make sure I wore my shoes in houses like this from now on. It turns out a lot of the dust and muck you bring in from the outside stays inside. Surprise, surprise. The splinter probably came from all that junk.

Years later, I still can’t get over it when I go into houses where they let you keep your shoes on. In fact, I live in one of those places now and pay rent. Sometimes, it’s rather disgusting.

To some Americans, they don’t get it. What’s the big issue with walking indoors with your shoes on? I remember watching a vlog of Skyy John, a famous YouTuber who runs the Tipsy Bartender channel. He had another famous Youtube group over, Simple Pickup, and aggressively poked fun at them for asking if they had to take their shoes off.

“No! I’m not Asian.” He said.

I agree that I don’t mind doing it at work or at school. Those are public places. But when you’re home, that’s where you get to relax, be comfortable, and even let your hair down.

Do you have any idea how many disgusting places the bottom of my shoes touch when I’m outside? I run a moderate amount and I end up stepping in all sorts of disgusting, muddy places in the woods and filthy public floors.

One time, I walked onto the carpet of my rented house after a long, muddy run and grimaced. I couldn’t believe it was normal culture for them to let me stain this originally white carpet with my muddy shoes. In fact, the carpet was already spotted with splotches of brown all over the place from its previous tenants.

I hope Americans change their beliefs on this habit and culture. It just makes no sense. In fact, I feel like it may be trending in this direction. Maybe I’m just tricking myself, but I feel like I’ve seen a couple white and black celebrities and YouTubers, like Justin Bieber and MysticGotJokes, who have showed their houses and also don’t let you wear shoes in it.

Regardless of what the world does, I damn well know that I’m going to make sure no one sets foot in my future house with their filthy shoes. My house is going to be a wonderland of cleanliness where my guests and I can prance around in our socks or bare feet. It’s going to be an adult-turned-child’s wonderland!

The craziest part is I’m not even close to a neat freak. In fact, I’m quite disorganized sometimes. So if I can see the value in it, hopefully, someone else can.