Yes. People Have It A Lot Easier Than You.

Contrary to what others are saying, I believe people do luck out in life. A lot. Yes, there are people who skate by throughout their lives.

All the talk about “you don’t know what really goes on in their life” or “they have it just as hard as you in other ways” is B.S.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a successful entrepreneur, recently echoed this opinion in a YouTube video. He argues that the rich kid has his own problems to deal with (nobody believing in him because they think he grew up spoiled) just like the black kid from the ghetto has his problems (poverty and no one believing in him).

I disagree. I think some people have it a LOT easier than others. Their problems are not even in the same universe.

Take a step outside and look at the real world. I guarantee you will find someone who was birthed into this world and ended up being the luckiest person alive.

Yes, there are people who are born stunningly beautiful. Yes, there are people who can literally eat as much junk food as they want and keep their figure. Yes, there are people who are born with all the money and love of a family they can ask for.

There are people where every hardship you had wasn’t an issue, where every goal of yours was satisfied. They skate through life and everything, financial, dating, social, etc. was more or less a breeze. Their hardest moments in life are minor inconveniences to you.

And for some of them even the “downsides” of their life, like growing up spoiled were nulled. They may have grown up in a upper middle class family that didn’t spoil them and then, they went on to make a ton of money.

But here’s where I agree with Gary. What are you going to do about it?

Are you going to go your whole life filling yourself with jealousy or resentment, hoping the poison you drink everyday will somehow hurt or kill them? Because news flash — it won’t. It will just make you more miserable.

How about accept that you were given a crappier hand in the game of life and play it for all its worth?

How about accept the blessings that you do have compared to the people who were dealt even worse hands? Quite literally, some people don’t even have hands, eyes, or decently working brains to have a standing chance.

You can sit there in rage that you have to suffer and eat healthy, tasteless food while someone else can stuff their face with fast food and have a better body. And where will that leave you? In a silo filled with a pool of rage and envy, which ultimately does nothing but undermines your pursuit of fitness. Or you can embrace and celebrate what you have.

It’s hard to do. It’s damn hard to stop envy. Trust me, I struggle with it just as much, if not more, than you.

But as Charlie Munger says, envy is the most useless sin; it’s the only one that doesn’t even feel good. Do something productive. Don’t stay in that bitter state.

Good luck.