Events of the Day #1: April 3rd, 2017

St. Petersburg

What Happened: A nail bomb exploded on a subway car in the old Russian capitol of St. Petersburg, killing 11 people and injuring 50, while a second bomb disguised as a fire extinguisher was found and disarmed in a different subway station in the same city. One suspect has turned himself in to the police and claimed innocence, while a second person is under suspicion, but has not been apprehended.

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My Thoughts and Opinions: Instead of the normal outpouring of support for the Russian people after this event, I have seen many statements from people on the left blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for the bomb, claiming that it was a false flag attack to distract the populace from a drop in popularity ratings. While Putin does have a less-than-clean background, every similar event in Western Europe has had the same cause in Radical Islam, so I’m not about to pull the conspiracy card on this one.

Susan Rice

What Happened: As originally reported by Mike Cernovich on Medium on the evening of April 2nd, Susan Rice, the National Security Adviser under Barack Obama during his presidency requested that several members of Donald Trump’s transition team be “unmasked” on reports from various intelligence gathering operations.

When the government spies on terror suspects, they inadvertently gather information from innocent bystanders. In the reports generated from these operations, any personal information of those that aren’t involved is redacted to preserve his/her privacy. Certain high-ranking officials can request to see these documents without any redaction, giving that person full access to the information on unrelated Americans. That is known as “unmasking”.

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My Thoughts and Opinions: Susan Rice grossly misused the powers of her office to spy on the political enemies of the Democrat party and actively undermine the peaceful transition of power that they were so desperate to preserve on November 9th, 2016. Through these revelations, the Democrats in power have proven that they will resort to treason and trample on the civil rights of any American citizen that stands between them and political power. I believe that any other leaks from anonymous sources in Washington D.C. have and will likely continue to come from similar illicit activities.

Carter Page

What Happened: In 2013, an energy executive named Carter Page had a meeting with several Russian spies that were masquerading as businessmen. The recent reports allege that Page and the Russians had several meetings in which they tried to recruit Page to work as a spy for them in exchange for business contracts in Russia. It seems that the Russians were too subtle in their recruitment attempts, as Carter Page didn’t even realize that they were spies in the first place. Shortly after these meetings, the spies were arrested and convicted after an FBI operation exposed them as foreign agents. This story’s significance comes from the fact that Carter Page worked as a foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign near its beginning.

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My Thoughts and Opinions: This is meant as a distraction from the Susan Price story. In the source article from ABC News, Carter Page is said to be free of Russian influence a couple of different times. He testified to the FBI in a case against the Russians, he was investigated separately by the FBI for a speech that he gave in Moscow in Summer 2016, and the article even reports that the Russians laughed at him for being oblivious to their offerings. Let’s not forget the fact that he was only a part of the Trump campaign for the beginning of Trump’s run.

This is not the first time that the media has tried to hide important stories behind less damaging ones. Does anyone remember the 28 pages detailing Saudi involvement in 9/11 that got released in July last year? I’d be surprised if many people do, because, even though the pages were hyped for a couple of days, they happened to be released on the day of the terror attack on Nice, France, while everyone was focused on the usual things that follow a major terror attack. While the attack was horrific, if those 28 pages were the biggest story of that day, there would have been a whole lot more pressure put on the Saudis for more answers. I’m not implying that the terror attack was coordinated with the release in any way, but that the media establishment took advantage of the timing of the Nice terror attack to minimize the damage that the release caused to the Saudi Arabians that have many connections around Washington D.C..

Reports of Nice, France terror attack

Reports of 28 pages of 9/11 information

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