The right way to start a company
Sam Gerstenzang

I’m sort of having a problem that’s the opposite of much of what you’re describing.

I have a solid business model that can easily work (feeding off of intrinsic motivation and giving people more autonomy than most businesses do), several different possible products, and a structure that can grow to allow multiple business units to greatly diversify (with small groups essentially owning their campuses, how they’re managed, and optionally even housing), and so on.

The problem I’ve had is that’s just too much. Somebody has to be really interested to get that conversation going and it’s not a short conversation.

I’ve realized that I have to settle on a single product and a ‘small’ approach to start with and not even try to explain everything else. Once we’re rolling I can just DO it…and I’m far better at that than explaining complicated things.

I’m JUST started down that road and am gearing up to seek co-founder types myself (for that energy and also because I’m not big on being the center of attention, I’m more of a grand vizier type). I spent over four years going down the ‘think big and well designed’ approach before realizing that I needed to resort to ‘think small and concise’

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