Exactly. And I wake up and repeat it almost daily.
jess huang

Yeah, and that’s where it goes off the rails, isn’t it? It’s not ‘being sane’ that’s ever been the problem. Sane cultures don’t have several empty homes for every homeless person. It’s ‘being compatible with society’s particular sort of crazy’ that we’re forced to shoot for.

And honestly you can watch the news for an hour and a day in many of our lives and comfortably conclude that society’s pretty mad and nonfunctional and it’s giving the worst of us all the advantages.

It’s like a bad game of Monopoly where we’re given five bucks and all the properties have hotels in them.

I’m way over on the ADHD side of things and have to take drugs to be able to organize my way out of a paper bag…but I’m more creative and effective without my meds. I’m lucky enough to be able to eke out a decent living but I know a lot of people aren’t nearly that lucky. The fact that they can do things we want and brighten our days instead they’re stuck living in constant fear or even homeless is a travesty. There’s a lot of great diversity out there that we’re getting nothing out of because our system isn’t working.

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