What Do Jason Calacanis, Marc Andreessen and Vivek Wadhwa All Have in Common?
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

You know, it’d be nice if those of us who can make it through the day without being jerks to somebody else could start some kind of co-operative nation inside the legal shell of a corporation where behaving like a civilized adult is the expectation rather than an option.

Currently we’ve got a system where the drama queens and the asshats have all the advantages, and I don’t see it changing without something rEvolutionary.

Anybody working to fix this? You’d think a corporation that uses campuses as asshat-free charter cities could generate some productivity advantages too…the only problem we have is right now all the ‘live in harmony’ people are running and hiding instead of banding together.

This whole birth-nation lottery is kind of a race to the bottom, isn’t it?

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