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What do you do when you want do all these things and be good at them?

I’ve recently become stuck. Spending a quiet afternoon at work watching a few beautiful animated short stories and finding inspiration, I’ve increasingly found the urge to snatch back some creative integrity. I want to produce something bigger than anything I have previously done. These things take time and ability, hopefully I can find enough of both. You see winding up in a commercial work stream is a profitable, albeit a dulling one. …

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Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash

I stood up to speak.

Facing 30-ish expectant faces in the small backroom above a bar. I was half hoping nobody would show up.

Can somebody crack a bloody smile? It would certainly help to put the nerves at ease. The room lined with industry professionals, students and football fanatics (one bloke wore his retro England shirt). All of them staring back at me blankly. It was a hot spring day, sweaty, and a bit uncomfortable. Dry mouth, legs quaking slightly. The pint minutes beforehand certainly wasn’t helping.

I was simply tasked with explaining the design and theory behind a series of retro world cup posters. There I was, stumbling through the presentation I had prepared, feeling there were many great things to say on the subject. I ended up cutting myself short. My colleagues praised my efforts, but when all was said I left feeling I had a lot more to prove. …

When envisaging Swiss design, naturally you might consider the traditional pocket knife, Helvetica or a classic railway clock. Efficient, practical and functional. In the 50’s these staples of modern design were becoming popular on a global scale. In one instance, long-established design trends were unceremoniously thrown out the window by the creator of Switzerland’s 1954 world cup poster. A name isn’t apparent from a quick online investigation. However, what this mystery designer did produce, is a enigmatic illustration capturing a dramatic part of world cup history.

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Switzerland’s 1954 Poster

Could this poster be unintentionally alluding to events that were yet to happen in the tournament? The context: West Germany had been beaten 8–3 by Hungary early in the group stages. Onto the final, these same two teams met again. The game, mostly played in heavy rain lent an upper hand to the German players who favoured cold and wet weather. With the pitch deteriorating throughout, boots designed by Adi Dassler (founder of some german sportswear company?) proved a big advantage. Helmut Rahn provided a brilliant finish from range to score a late winner, taking West Germany to world cup victory. All Hungarian goalkeeper Grosics could do in that moment was watch hopelessly as the ball passed his outstretched right hand. …

Music venues throughout Leeds are set to host over one hundred up and coming artists, as well as a few more established ones on the 5th of May.

I’ve not been able to listen to the entire lineup, but i’ve been trawling through a mass of artists on the spotify playlist. I’ve gone ahead and selected a few of my personal favourites.


My first introduction to Blaenavon was courtesy of their song ‘Let’s pray’. A surprisingly uplifting tune which which echoes a heartwarming message – lets pray for death. Nothing particularly gripped me at first listen, but after giving debut album ‘That’s your lot’ a couple of goes, Blaenavon was introduced into my constant rotation. Through subsequent listens, I found every song in the album uniquely fascinating. Lavish, morose and occasionally somewhat jarring (Ode To Joe). The album gives an insightful look into a variety of themes from the bands adolescent years with an unexpected level of maturity. …

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Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I’m writing this post during my lunch break. Having started a full time job for the first time back in August, it took a couple of months to realise how important it is to engage with more things outside of just work. When at university and living at home before graduating, it was far easier to find the time and motivation for perusing different interests.

When settling in to my new working life routine it became clear I would have to start making a conscious effort to find time for things that are important to me — significant others, sports, friends & family etc. as well as finding time for new interests to develop. …

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View out the window

After saying a few teary goodbyes to my girlfriend but not my sister (boyfriend issues) I set off for the first leg of the trip. This involved a four hour train ride to Heathrow Terminal 4. Thankfully trains are my favourite mode of transport! It turns out most of my anxiety about getting onto the plane was unfounded, even having time for a quick pint in the airport to calm my nerves.

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Spotted in Heathrow

I had recently read a post on Medium on the topic of surviving a 24 hour flight. …


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