Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike Review 2015

This Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike is fantastic! I wanted an affordable spin bike that was also a quality product. This is it!!! The bike is quite comparable to the equipment that I use at the gym. The price was incredibly affordable.

It’s mostly assembled; you just have to put the seat, feet, and handlebar on. The tools are also included. I am so pleased with this bike… and the workouts are amazing. I’m glad I found a nice low impact exercise with incredibly high intensity.

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This bike is awesome. I bought the bike 6 weeks after I had my baby. As a new mom it is almost impossible to get to the gym on a regular basis. The bike is light enough that you can roll it from room to room.

While the baby napped I would roll my bike out in front of the TV and ride. I was an avid spinner before baby and was very happy with the build of the bike. I am taller 5’9 and had no problem adjusting the seat to my needs. The bike is on par with any bike I have ever used in a gym.

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The “standard” sizes are always too tall and won’t adjust to the correct height for me. This bike is perfect, well built for the price, with no cheap parts. The metal is all sturdy, doesn’t flex, and though there is a little noise with the flywheel at more resistance/higher speeds, the bike is generally pretty quiet.

If anything, I think the foot pedals have better traction than that of other spin bikes I have used. My foot doesn’t seem to slide at all or move while pedaling. If you are short, love spinning, want the basics and quality for a good price, this is a good bike to buy!

If you are considering buying a spin bike than this is the bike to buy!!! I’m a fitness instructor who teaches a variety of classes, including spin. I also ride on and off road.

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Very durable!!! Best birthday money investment EVER!!! Yes, as other reviewers have stated, it does take approximately 1 hour to assemble. My hubby put the bike together with no hassle. The bike is shipped with its own tools which is a big plus!!! I’m training for a sprint tri in late spring. LOVE my bike!!!

My husband is 68 years old. He rides outside all year — about 20 miles a day. He has been looking for an exercise bike to ride indoors when the weather is bad. He has tried many products, but this one he loves!!

It is sturdy enough for him to stand up and pedal. It is quiet and comfortable. It’s fully adjustable and he likes that it doesn’t have a lot of computer-based technology — just pedal and go! It’s a great value for the money.

Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike is an affordable, adjustable stationary bike that could be used for spinning or other intense workouts — and this bike does the job well. It was pretty easy to assemble.

Most of the pieces are already assembled, so there isn’t too much to do other than putting the handlebars together, seat together, stabilizer bars on the bottom of the bike and screw on the pedals.

The box includes the Allen wrench and screwdriver you need to assemble. The seat isn’t great, but my wife already has a gel cover she bought for spin classes at the gym which should make the seat about as comfortable as the ones at the gym.

Adjusting the seat up and down is not as smooth as it could be, so I foresee that being a minor hassle when the two of us use it and need to switch positions, but it’s not that bad… I may spray a little lubricant on it to help out. The bike is pretty small, so I think we may just buy a second one so we can do it together and keep one configured for each of us.

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