What is my moral compass?

Some people use religion, others use superstition. Some say there is none of it all. I belong to those ones who are not defined by words, stories or unidentified magical beings or occurrences. They are called agnostic. I don’t really think ‘they’ should be called anything.

So that was blurted out fairly easy. Seems like I should vent more often using a keyboard. It might be better than trying to talk sense to people while having a drink. Why is everything rubbish more important to talk about over beers? I feel like I’m an agnostic misfit.

Everyone had those conversations: religion is nonsense, the monetary system rules us all, we are killing ourselves but we are in denial, social media is a silencer of real openness, politics equals profit, democracy is a fairy-tale, fashion is slavery, the list keeps on going. How many times can we have those conversations. Everyone wakes up in the morning regretting not remembering every word they said. Is everyone equally embarrassed not remembering everything I wonder?

So I watched a movie just now. Wonder woman 2017 made me almost cry over humans. We are so sad. We are not humane at all , more robotic if you ask me. There was a line in there, something like: there are those who see trouble and do nothing and there are those who see trouble and try to do something. I wonder how many tried and failed. I also wonder how many tried to do something that proved to be useless upon succeeding. Our well oiled human machine is still running but despite all the oil the steel is eroding it’s way into temporary fixes.

There is too much stuff going on for me right now. I can’t seem to focus. And no, I’m not talking about my job. I do my job-stuff well. I’m talking about permafrost mudding, prairie desertifying, trees felling or dying, water rising, hurricanes racing, muds flowing and people drinking and talking about tv-series, clothes, parties and money. How am I to handle this? To rise above means to loose friends, to participate means to struggle with myself, try to do something makes me swirl my brain around until I’m back at square one.


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