Remote is so hot right now. However, if you want to work for a remote-first company there are a few things you need to know before applying as the hiring game is vastly different. Here at Aula Education, we get around 10K applicants a year for our tech jobs alone and we’re all about setting our candidates up for success so here are some tips that can be valuable for everyone.

Let’s get started.

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Before applying

Before you even start looking for jobs, have a deep thinking session with yourself on what it would mean to be a successful remote worker. …

At Aula Education, we’ve been pushing for delivering on a something called D&I. Diversity & Inclusion. Daring & Interesting stuff.

As your friendly white guy, in charge of hiring, it’s quite something to try and do D&I. D&I is everywhere, you can’t escape it. D&I is also not defined, some companies create a rainbow logo, and call it D&I. Some companies hire lots of junior women developers, and call it D&I. Living in Amsterdam, I saw a lot of company boats on the canal during pride, and they call that D&I.

Instead of doing all those things, I thought to write up some of the values we stand for, and call it D&I. …

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Hiring at Slite is, like at any early stage company, mission critical. And like any startup, we have limited visibility. We work smart for great candidates to apply to our roles. We invest time and effort reaching out to people, getting Slite on their radar.

On top of that, Slite is a product company. Anyone we engage with to join our team is also a potential Slite user. This goes from people we find ourselves, to people who apply to our open positions. All our hiring efforts could result in a potential new company using Slite. …

It’s been a while since I wrote something, since I spent the last year working on my own company Gymify. But given the fact I have picked up hiring again I figured it was time for a new post.

My friend Tris Revill shared a nice recruitment hack on Linkedin the other day (see the Spendesk one) so why not kick 2018s writing off with an update to my most viewed/upvoted Quora answer.

Let’s get started with some fresh content:

The team over at Slite, building the note app for teams, created a small Slite wiki to inform their candidates on the hiring process as well as sharing insights on how the engineering team works and of course a provides a clever sneak peak into the…

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gotta love your tools

We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us", Marshall McLuhan

Okay, now we have gotten that catchy quote from someone you & I probably don't know out of the way but does make me look smart -- lets start 2017 off with a new post about tooling. My favourite thing about recruiting because they make life so much easier. Lets go!

Ever since Linkedin bought Connectifier it has been raining new tools on the sourcing front. Can these tools get bought by Linkedin at some point? Or will they just be shut down by Big Brother? …

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Most articles about hiring through the upcoming social media are really lame and only say: ‘post relevant content on Snapchat’ & ‘be authentic on Instagram’. This is all fun and games when you are Facebook, Stripe or Uber but most of us founded / work for companies which only followers are your mum and a couple of randoms — if you are lucky.

While I agree that it’s good for (startup) companies to have some presence on these channels, the real benefit from that approach will only be in a later stage when you probably have someone managing social media for you anyway. …

Having been in recruitment for the last 6 years I’ve seen a lot. Including the uglier side of recruiting which is just about making a fast buck.

However, I’m trying to change things by being open on how I recruit and hire people. I hope this will have an impact on the people around me and change their mindset too.

I’ll be releasing my workflow in volumes, starting with my recruitment tools/set up. What I’ll be writing about is what works well for me and all you’ll need to learn about them is a browser — So let’s go.

Like any job the single most important ‘tool’ is hard work, which is still a vague concept to most people. If you don’t want to go the extra mile, and work a bit harder than the rest, these tools won’t help doing the the hard work for you. …

Note: this is an old post that featured on my blog some time back, but I never published it at Medium. As I am closing down and migrating everything to Medium I reposted the original today with a few edits. Enjoy.

I am going to make it easy for you all. I decided its time to ‘open-source’ my tool-belt when it comes to recruiting. So you guys can stop googling ‘best recruiting tools’ and get frustrated, because the top 10 google results won’t bring you any further.

I have divided this up in 4 sections: sourcing, information retrieval, productivity & platforms. Also you can find some new ATS players as I can’t help it to follow this space and report about it. …

Note: this is an old post that featured on my blog some time back, but I never published it at Medium. As I am closing down and migrating everything to Medium I reposted the original today, hope you enjoy.

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The background

I made an observation some months ago: almost everything I see regarding recruiting, sourcing and talent has a top down approach. This works great for med-senior hires, people who already have a profile and some work experience, who push rich content to the web and who are therefore easily findable.

But getting in contact with top graduates straight out of Uni is a whole different story. The students mostly have zero idea on what awaits them on the other side when they graduate. …

I know, I hate a lot, a real lot. Especially regarding Linkedin. Little disclaimer: this is a pretty hateful post. Whatever. Anyway, here it goes.


Every time I use LinkedIn in some way, being it sourcing, writing, reading or just simple browsing, 99% of the time my eyes are bleeding. It makes me want to throw my macbook out of the window. It makes me feel that people are just accepting the huge piles of crap we get sent to our screen the whole day. …


Willem Wijnans

Remote 🏝️ x Hiring 🚀 x

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