7/29/17_ Day 1

Who am I? What do I want to be?

Firstly, the absolute worst way to decide or learn who you are or what you want to be in life is to overthink it. You will learn and accomplish this identification process through actions and actions alone. Both conscious and not, action is the driving force. However, I believe you don’t have to be confined. Be a renaissance man/women, be someone who enjoys life. Make and spend money on fine things, pursue a career because its cool, own a business because its freedom, and above else, always be looking for new opportunities and experiences. The guidelines are to be generous, loyal, and have an unwavering progressive and open mind. This is success in the purest sense and will lead a life of opportunity, fulfillment and riches in all capacity.

Who you are as an individual is most explicitly defined by actions. Follow your virtues and always be looking for things that intrigue or make you feel. Just as Gerry Spence put it, the goal is to live life through the innocence and wonder of a child. This is the extreme open mindedness and wonderment that attracts both people and the positives of life.

This was inspired by the book, “Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power” by John Meacham… A great read.

Jack Coyne After being a long time journaler, thanks for the inspiration to publicly post.