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Everything terrifies, fascinates/excites or angers a 7 year old LGBTQ but their own selfish pleasures. They are made of fear, anger, excitement and pretense with their inner world having collapsed and gone dark , hysterical. They are referred to the now too harsh outside world. Emotional/dramatic, useless snowflakes. E.g. Rachel Maddow. Having no or little conscience to shield them they turn to their puny intellects and the social salvation of their corrupt ilk until they become completely derelict, defending the indefensible, able to turn the truth into a lie as well and as fast as Saddam Hussein. ‘The smartest people in the room’ in their herd mentality status quo loving mutual admiration societies or den of thieves. Real military/family loving people identify with the bright, energized, aware, inner calm, silent, intuitive common sense decency all were given when they were made. LGBTQ, not so much.

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