Each day we get to experience making sacrifices. We constantly have to give up one thing for the alternative. Those decisions, we make consciously and/or subconsciously. One will find that at times the choices made turn out to not be the best for one’s future.
Life put in our ways barriers to either be broken or succumbed to. People who break barriers reach success. This comes about because they are unwilling to be stopped by the forces of life. Forces that stop them from moving forward and actually achieving great things. Those people sacrifice a lot and don’t stop getting back up each time they fall. They rebel and fight for what they believe in and want. They are relentless.

They subconsciously decide each day to move forward. They sacrifice laziness, lack of courage and inconsistency for prosperity, wealth, love and consistency.

The people who succumb to the barriers in their lives give in to the world. They allow the forces of life to overpower them. They have the unwillingness to succeed and be prosperous. They are subconsciously willing to be mediocre and of low standard. The challenges that they face scare them and they just give in to the ‘monster’. They let the monster be in control of every part of who they are and who they can become. The hurtful part is they are unwilling to endure the pain and suffering. The pain that will lead them to higher places. The suffering that can make them strong and courageous.

Our families also make sacrifices for us. Whether it be a mother that choses to pay for her son’s expensive school trip and be short to pay rent. Whether it be a sister that chooses to go out with her friends than spend the weekend with her siblings. Whatever the sacrifice, it has to be made.

There are all sorts of thoughts we go through each day without realising. We make choices; at times we notice making and at times we don’t. Those that have studied the brain have went through their own hurdles trying to figure it out and couldn’t fully understand it. Our minds are very powerful and seldom not easy to control.


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