denSome Considerable Benefits of Invisalign

Whenever there is a matter of teeth straightening, the options that we can talk about include braces and Invisalign. Both options are suitable in different scenarios. While they both seem to solve misalignment issues, there is a lot of difference between the both. Braces use brackets which are attached to the teeth. A wire is passed through every bracket in one jaw. On the other hand, Invisalign involves clear plastic trays which the patient needs to wear consistently in order to get the treatment affecting the alignment in desirable way. The matter of fact is that Invisalign has proven to be a great alternative to braces in many situations.

Benefits of Invisalign over braces

No Food Restrictions: The very first and, perhaps, the most desirable benefit of Invisalign is that it doesn’t restrict you from eating the foods you want to eat. Braces, on the other hand, come with a lot of limitations which include food restrictions. So, the food particles and even chunks can get trapped around the brackets and under the wire. Clearing those food particles and chunks can turn out to be a very difficult and risky task.

Your smile is not going to be affected: Another benefit of Invisalign is that this solution doesn’t affect appearance of your smile. It is based on clear plastic trays which you will need to wear on your teeth. These trays are so beautifully customized that they fit on the teeth without looking awkward. And the second thing about appearance is that these trays are invisible. It means that nobody will be able to tell if you are getting any teeth straightening treatment.

Comfort: The final benefit of Invisalign is that it is very comfortable. One of the drawbacks of braces is that they make oral hygiene nothing less than a challenge. On the other hand, you can clean your teeth normally if you are using Invisalign. You can take the clear trays off in order to brush and floss your teeth like you do normally. After the cleaning is done, you can wear the trays back on your teeth. Moreover, Invisalign is not going to bother your gums and inner cheeks in a way like braces would.

While Invisalign is beneficial, you need to keep in mind that this solution may not be for everyone. If your teeth are severely crooked and the misalignment is not that mild, you may have to get braces in order to get your teeth straightened. Therefore you need to visit your dentist in order to know about the treatment you can get.